4 Helpful Marketing Tips For Orthodontic Clinics

4 Helpful Marketing Tips For Orthodontic Clinics

Most traditional marketing strategies work for medical services including dental services as long as the target audience is wide. Marketing orthodontic practices is different because the target audience is small and specific. Dentists can market their services to all individuals because everyone needs one or two annual check-ups. Orthodontists specialize in patients with crooked teeth and hence need a strategic approach. The top marketing tactics that have proven effective in this field are outlined below.

1. Get Referrals from Dentists

The most successful orthodontists target dentists with their marketing strategies. Many people go to their dentist first to fix their crooked teeth. The assumption is that the dentist will either fix the problem or refer them to a specialist. If you run an orthodontic clinic, start building relationships with the dentists in your area. Appreciate the dentists that are already referring clients to your clinic. Occasional thank you cards and messages will go a long way in solidifying your relationship.

2. Ask Your Clients for Referrals

The next best source of referrals is your past clients. For clients to refer others to your dental practice, they must be satisfied with your services. You may not need a huge marketing budget if every client you attend to refers one or two other clients. Be proactive in asking your clients to refer others to your clinic. A satisfied client is likely to refer another without hesitation, but you need to encourage him or her to do so. Ask every client to write a testimonial of your services and post the testimonials on your website. This leads to another effective strategy, building your online presence.

3. Build a Strong Online Presence

Your target clients are looking for the best orthodontic services in their area. Clients use the internet to rate services and compare prices before visiting any dental clinic. A website such as salarieshub.com provides full information on different professionals including their range of salaries. You can build a similar website for your clinic and provide full information about your services. Connect with your target audience on other platforms such as social media. Address any questions or issues from your audience including complaints about your services. Constant and open communication is important in building relationships online.

4. Educate the Target Audience

The website and social platforms recommended in the previous section are great marketing platforms. However, do not solely focus on marketing your services. Educate your target audience on the benefits of straightening crooked teeth. Many people live with crooked teeth for decades without seeking help because of lack of knowledge. A perfect dental arrangement does not only boost an individual’s esteem but also prevents tooth decay. When you use your online and offline platforms to educate your target clients, you begin to win their trust. You create a need for your services.

Orthodontic clinics must go beyond the traditional marketing strategies to reach their clients with their services. The limited number of clients may be a challenge or an advantage to the clinic depending on the marketing approach. Practicing dentists and past clients are great sources of referrals. The marketing plan must include strategies for building strong relationships with these sources. The clinic must also focus on offering top-notch services, excellent customer service, and educating their target clients.