Precautions That Must Be Attain Before Trying RC Cars

RC cars revolutionized the way of excitement mostly in children. It is beneficial along with full of entertainment. Here we will discuss the things you must have to ensure before trying it for the first time.

  • RC cars are normally of $ 1000 and more. It is costly, so proper handling is required to make it effective and for long use. Understanding of its working parts is essential and to know this you must have keen interaction towards its body parts.
  • When you select an RC car, you see many models in the market. First, make your decision about of car you want whether you like electric or gas powered or Nitro gas car. Basically, Nitro gas cars are faster and can attain a speed of over 50 mph (80 km/h). Electric and gas cars each have their strengths and speed less than Nitro gas cars.
  • If you have electric powered RC car then make sure that your car is fully charged or not and also check that its wires are properly connected or not.
  • Different types and models are available in the market. Select that car which is according to your interest or best suits to you. Some suitable RC cars are carpet cars, buggies, monster trucks, and stadium cars. Others are also present.
  • Different types of cars work in different conditions. Like Carpet cars, which are very low to the ground and can’t handle higher jumps present in the way
  • You must have all statistical information about the type of RC car you want to ride. First, make sure that you know the top speed of your car and also the highest turning angle it can make. This would prevent you from the damage of your car because very exciting models are present in the market including 6 axis gyro.
  • Before riding make sure that your motor and slipper gear are properly aligned or not, because a mesh that is too tight can stress out the motor along with ESC (electronic speed control). On the other hand, if your mesh is too loose, it also causes power loss and makes your vehicle to run less efficiently.
  • Mostly in newer cars, adjustable collars on the shocks are present. Always make sure that these correspond with the type of terrain you are working with because a car with no travel can’t handle jumps effectively and can cause big damage to your car.
  • Approach the jumps straight with the tires. This will save you when you apply brakes at a sudden, otherwise applying of brakes at a sudden can cause damage if brakes are not adjusted properly.
  • Tires are an important element, always select those tires that match the type of terrain you will be running in. This will reduce tread wear and can save money with increased performance.
  • In electric powered RC cars, make sure that your battery is fully charged or not. if it is fully charged then remove it from power supply because extra charging can overcharge your battery which results in battery failure.
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