Hydraulic Jacks- One Of The Reliable Lifting Gear Products

Hydraulic Jacks- One Of The Reliable Lifting Gear Products

Hydraulic jacks can be found as one of the popular lifting gear products that help in lifting heavy loads. These jacks depend on the force generated by pressure, where the extent with which force is applied varies as per the type of jack.

Jacks can be categorized mechanical if mechanical force is applied on them and are used to lift heavy devices such as mechanical jacks, house jacks or car jacks. They can be rated according to the lifting capacity, like for say, number of tons they can lift.

Hydraulic Jacks- One Of The Reliable Lifting Gear Products

Working Principle of Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic jacks act as per the force generated by pressure. When two cylinders, specifically one large and one small, are connected together and force is applied to one, it results in generating an equal pressure on both the cylinders. The cylinder with larger area will produce higher force, keeping the pressure same on both the cylinders.

A basic hydraulic jack uses pump plungers to move oil via two cylinders. Initially, plunger is drawn back to open the suction valve ball within, which pulls oil into the pump chamber. When the plunger is propelled in forward direction, oil moves from an outside discharge check valve into the cylinder chamber. This leads to closing of suction valve and builds pressure inside the cylinder.

Types of Hydraulic Jacks

The two major varieties of hydraulic jacks are,

  • Bottle jacks
  • Floor jacks

Hydraulic bottle jacks or hand jacks provide an easy way to lift a vehicle for inspection or service. Its name has been driven from the concept that its shape is in resemblance with milk bottles. They carry diverse lifting capability up to several tons. The bottle jacks contain a vertical shaft supporting a platform called as bearing pad. This platform directly handles the weight of the object when it is lifted.

Floor jacks compose of horizontal shafts that push on a crank; crank is then connected to a lifting pad which is lifted horizontally. Floor jacks have comparatively a large vertical lift range than bottle jacks. The standard length of a jack is about 3-4 feet and has a weight of 2-12 tons, wherein the standard type is called as a mini jack. Both of these lifting gear products have a great use in different lifting operations.

A basic bottle jack follows few simple steps to carry lifting process-

1. A jack handle upstroke allows oil drawing into the pump cylinder.
2. Likewise, downstroke of the jack handle pushes pressurized oil to the main cylinder and thus causes the mail piston to be raised.
3. When the jack is constantly pumped, it enables opening and closing of check valves with each motion.
4. the jack is pumped, the main piston keeps raising.

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