Types Of Quoting Software That Can Boost Your Business

When a business offers a service, it must find ways to get paid for it. Clients will often want to know how much the service will cost. Many businesses have predetermined prices that they could quote to their customers. However, sometimes the price needs to be adjusted or customized according to a specific service. The risk of this is that without a foolproof system, you could quote the wrong figure, which might end up hurting your business. You could over-quote, which might offend your clients. On the other hand, you could get losses if you undervalue your services. What you need is quoting software that will make your quoting more efficient. There are different types of iQuoteXpress quoting software available for you to choose.

Types Of Quoting Software That Can Boost Your Business

Two-dimensional Charts

You can generate quotes by comparing services and products based on the satisfaction ratings of your users as well as the frequency of research done by your prospective buyers. You can use it to filter the data by size of the company and use the data to determine pricing and packages when you are negotiating with clients.

Browser-generated Quotation Software

The best quoting software allows you to generate quotes from any device with a browser. It is template-driven, and it produces fully branded, attractive proposals. Its tracking engine enables salespeople to know when the quote has been accessed by a client, which enables them to make timely follow-ups.


iQuoteXpress enables you to manage quotes by analyzing recipients of proposal’s reaction to the document. The duration of time the recipient spends on a particular section can help you identify areas that are causing confusion. You can then go back to the section and adjust your quotes accordingly.

Centralized Approved Collateral Software

iQuoteXpress provides real-time analytic s for your sales managers. It centralizes your approved collateral and allows you to understand the period and manner of client interaction with the proposals. The analytics engine shows you the activity you’re your sales team or customer reports.

Every business has the duty to charge its customers fairly. The use of automated software can help eliminate the erosion of confidence and deals, as it prevents rogue discounting. The best quoting software can also optimize revenue potential of your business. In this way, you will be able to build the trust of your customers and avoid running your business at a loss.

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