The Incredible Versatility Of Steel

steel suppliers in Melbourne
steel suppliers in Melbourne

Since its discovery nearly 3,000 years ago, steel has been used in every society, and without it, the Industrial Revolution would have ground to a halt. Even today, in the world of composite materials, steel is still the favoured material, and in case you have ever wondered how steel can be processed, here are just a few of the methods to form steel.

  • Rolled Steel – This is the preferred way to form steel girders and sheets, and once the hot metal is at the optimum temperature, it passes through a series of precise rollers, ending up perfectly symmetrical. Hot rolled steel is used when forming universal beams, and if you are in need of steel suppliers in Melbourne, or any other city, an online search should point you in the right direction.

  • Steel Plate – Often used in construction and other fabrications, steel plate can be formed to precise dimensions and provides the right support and protection for a range of industries. There are online suppliers of steel products that can process steel according to the customer’s specifications, and with a range of processing methods and ready-made items, this service is invaluable to many industries.

  • Stainless Steel – This really was a game changer, as it eliminates rust, and stainless steel is used in domestic, commercial, and industrial capacities, and the low maintenance and easy cleaning makes it a popular choice in medical environments, where hygiene is essential.

  • Galvanised Steel – This is one method of rust prevention that coats the steel in zinc, typically by immersion, and the zinc protects the steel surface from corrosion.

  • Steel Pipe – Steel piping is used for many things and can be bent or formed to the customer’s specifications, while it would be either stainless or galvanised steel that would be used. Steel piping is used to house cables, and hollow, square steel tubing is used for building, as it provides the strength without the weight.

  • Rebar – Steel and concrete combine to provide solid support, and with a range of forms, including reinforcement mesh, concrete floors and pillars, rebar is an essential component in many industries. Using a framework of fabricated steel mesh, you can provide support for small arches and other areas that regular size rebar would not be practical.

  • Mesh – Steel can be fabricated in a mesh form, and with varying dimensions, it can be used for fencing, as a form of rebar, and even in home security, where a thin film of steel mesh is attached to the window exterior, making it impenetrable. There are established steel suppliers in Melbourne who can produce almost any item, and by working to the client’s specifications, the finished product is ideal.

  • Steel Chains – Almost all internal combustion engines would use steel roller chains in their make-up, and with modern engineering, chains can be made to very precise dimensions, and they drive many machines. Chains provide security and also are used extensively to secure loads to vehicles.

Modern steel suppliers can create bespoke solutions, along with a range of ready-made items, which is essential for many industries worldwide.

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