How Does An Air Conditioner Sleep Affect Your Health?

How Does An Air Conditioner Sleep Affect Your Health

When the heat of the summer keeps on increasing relentlessly, people are left with no option but to make use of air conditioners. And now that air conditioner online are so cheap, durable and effective, people are all the more keen and interested in buying one for them self. Air conditioners are no more considered luxury in the scorching heat; it has in-fact become a necessity today, without which an urban household is not complete and comfortable.

Although you need them to beat the heat and air conditioner online can be delivered soon, it is important for you to know the possible side effects of air conditioners on your health. A lot of us buy them believing that there are no side effects of air conditioners. These are considered as the modern day health hazards, and are proven to do more harm than good. Read on to know how can your health are effected by sleeping in air conditioners.

  1. Dry Skin – When you buy an air conditioner online, you will obviously be excited to run it and spend the most part of the day, relaxing in the air conditioner you just bought. And nights are usually the parts where most people keep the AC running without fail. Since air conditioners are known to dehumidify the room, they along with sucking away the moisture in the air, also take away moisture from your skin. This leads to a very dry and stretched skin.
  1. Constant Fatigue – If you are one of those people who work in an office that is continuously operating in very cold air, there is a possibility that you will get tired sooner, and feel lazier. Air conditioner online if used for really long time, for extremely low room temperature, are known to cause laziness and tiredness, faster than usual. Working in very cold temperatures, due to excessive air conditioner can also make you suffer from chronic headaches. It can thus lead to many illnesses which would not even come to your notice.
  1. Reduces Resistance Towards Heat – Constant exposure to extremely low temperatures at work as well as at home, can lead to a reduced resistance towards heat. If you buy air conditioner online and install them wherever possible, to never be bothered by the heat, you will reduce you potential of tolerating heat at all. By spending long hours in an air conditioned environmental, you can get used to it, thus facing problems when present in a non air conditioned environment. Some people get affected to the extent that they cannot even survive winters without air conditioners. Make sure you do not become one of them, and are able to deal with the heat if need be.
  1. Air Borne Diseases – We cannot even dream of driving our car without air conditioners in summers. But do you know how many bacteria’s are circulating in your car and the air you breathe in? When you use air conditioner in your cars, you are also inhaling multiple bacteria’s, which are known to cause air borne diseases as well as breathing problems. To avoid this, you are advised to use it while stuck in traffic, and take in fresh air while driving. Or balance it by regularly switching it off and then switching it on again.
  1. Exacerbating Existing Problems – If you are someone who already has breathing problems or other health problems, then air conditioner online can make it worse. Since the air released by these air conditioners is itself not very clean, there is a possibility that it can play havoc with your health if you do not keep a balance between the times you spent in air conditioners and the time spent without them.

Verdict – It is completely understood if you say summers are impossible without air conditioners, but if you believe even a minute without them is impossible, than it is already an alarming stage. With global warming on the rise, the future temperatures are only going to increase. Although we are getting equally powerful air conditioner online, it is important to be able to fight the heat even without them. You need to develop your fitness and resistance in a way that surviving without air conditioners does not take a toll on your health.