Things That Make Up Top DC Lobbying Firms

Things That Make Up Top DC Lobbying Firms

Undoubtedly, many view lobbying as a mysterious and shady world full of secret deals and dubious promises. However, the truth is that there are plenty of statistics and information about the lobbying firms in the United States, particularly the top DC lobbying firms. Based on this data, here are a few of the things that make up the industry leaders.

Things That Make Up Top DC Lobbying Firms

Many Significant Connections

In just Washington DC alone, there are over 10,000 lobbyists. There are also many business and labor leaders, advocates, and public relations specialists who are attempting to influence the federal government and Congress. Therefore, it goes without saying that a toplobbying firm needs to have many significant connections to stand a chance when it comes shaping federal policy to its advantage.

The DC lobbying firms that are the most successful have achieved mastery of the art of working the hallways of Capitol Hill. These lobbying firms have connections with power brokers and the leaders of groups that have major influence. The top firms realize that connections are everything when it comes to lobbying.

Significant Growth

Another characteristic of the best lobbying firms is significant growth. Essentially, a top-performing lobbying firm needs to see a positive revenue growth year after year. If a lobbying firm only shows temporary growth in revenue and then the revenue growth becomes stagnant or begins to decline, the lobbying firm has had its 15 minutes of fame, so to speak. Also, not only must there be growth in revenue, but the growth must be smart. Lobbying firms need to see positive change year after year when it comes to average revenue per client.

Concentrated Intelligence

DC lobbying firms should have a large reservoir of concentrated intelligence. Of course, the federal government employs many people who are incredibly intelligent and highly educated. Unfortunately, the internal complexities of the federal government prevent it from effectively mobilizing its substantial intellectual capital in deliberate, creative, and consistent ways. Also, the federal government frequently establishes barriers between the real world and itself.

Therefore, top lobbying firms should be able to bring concentrated intelligence to the table in the form of their employees. Lobbying firms can offer evidence from the real world, shape public develop, define issues, and develop effective argumentation.

Since there are so many lobbying firms in DC, it can be difficult for any single one to stand out. If you want your firm to rise to the top, ensure that you consider the common characteristics amongst the leaders.

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