How To Create A Digital Coupon Marketing Campaign

The word discount is every customer’s favorite word when they are shopping. Many customers stick to the high-end products; but smart shoppers are always looking for the best price possible. Smart shoppers try to get the best product at the lowest price, and this is where coupons come into play. If you are a shopper you are always looking to save money without compromising the product quality. We now live in a digital age where we no longer need to clip coupons from newspapers or paper flyers. So in order to be successful at coupon marketing you must take advantage of doing your marketing digitally. Traditional marketing still works but the most cost effective way to market your business is through a digital platform.

For a business to get started they need to know how to create a digital coupon marketing campaign to announce what type of deal they are promoting. Some believe discount percentage is great way to market, but others believe that you should specify the dollar amount when creating a coupon. For example, spend $30 and get $10 off. This type of coupon lets your customer calculate their discounts right away.

Manage your coupon on all your digital platforms such as emails, blogs, social media and mobile apps. If you promote your coupons on social media, it gives your customers the opportunity to share your deals. Companies such as mailchimp allow you to look at the analytics when sending an email out. That way you can have a better understanding to figure out which email campaigns work best.

Deadlines are very important when you Promote and advertise your digital deals online. If you set up an expiration date on your deals it will give your customers a sense of urgency. By creating digital deals, you can seamlessly set up a start and end date for your digital coupon campaigns. And statistics show that impulse shoppers are the best customers to target when setting up your marketing plan.

Make your deals sharable. We mentioned this earlier but posting your coupons on Facebook, Instagram and twitter will allow your customers to spread the word. So give your customers the option to share your deals on social media channels. If you want to push your marketing campaign, you can even set up an incentive for people who share your deal. By being able to share your deal it allows your deal to market themselves on social media.

Last but not least make sure that your deals are meaningful and valuable for your customers. Make sure that your discounts can easily be found and redeemed. Digital coupons not only attract new customers to visit your website or local business; but it allows you to reward your everyday customers. And they best way to do that is by offering an amazing deal once every month or two. So take advantage of your email list and social media channels by creating an amazing discount deal for your customers. Digital marketing will only help your business grow.