Understanding The Business Process Outsourcing Industry In India

In recent times, there has been a surge in stories of startups which rose to success, but could not hold on to its customers and were doomed. Studies have indicated that ignoring customer care service was the key factor that impelled their fall. Every business needs customer. Nowadays, companies are paying heed to customer care service; that is why they are outsourcing this function to experts as a customer retention strategy.

This blog aims at highlighting the benefits of call centres in India. So let us start with getting our basics right.

What is A Call Centre?

A call centre is a central office used for handling a large number of requests by telephone. There are two types of call centre–inbound call centre and out bound call centre. An in-bound call centre takes care of incoming support or inquiries from customers. Outbound call centres are operated for telemarketing, debt collection and market research.

The Significance of Call Centre Outsourcing

The surge in use of Internet and communication technologies has driven the concept of outsourcing to a global scale. Top international companies are outsourcing call centre services to developing countries like India. When a call centre is outsourced, its processes are handled by a third party company that offers its own employees and infrastructure. Call centres in India are helping international companies save 30% to 50% of their revenues. By outsourcing call centre operations, companies not only save money, but they are also able to concentrate on their core businesses and in turn become more prolific.

Why India?

The main intent of a company outsourcing its call centre operation is that their customers are taken care of well. The quality of service is matters the most. When international companies choose India as their favorite destination to outsource call centre operations, they know that quality of service is impeccable because call centres in India are well established. In India, this industry meets standards of technical intricacy. In recent years, countries like Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines are also exploring opportunities in this field; however, India remains the top choice for international companies because call centres in India are run by professionals, who understand this business and are often call centre business is their core competency.

The Added Advantage

India is emerging as a strong global economy. Indian government is supportive of call centre services industry. With policies favoring call centres and investment in infrastructure development, Indian government is doing its bit in promoting this industry.

India has the largest English speaking population outside of the US; therefore, language no longer remains a barrier.

Call centres in India dates back to late 1980s and early 1990s. Over the years, Indian companies have learned from their follies. Now they boast of experience and knowledge. They are acquainted with latest software and technologies and use innovative management practices. They are working diligently and delivering quality services.

The geographical location of India also favors the call centre industry. There is a difference of about 12 hours between India and the US and about 5 hours difference between India and UK. This allows call centre service providers in India to deliver round-the- clock services to their customers.

The difference between Dollar and Rupee underlines the benefit of outsourcing call centre operations to India.

What India Has to Offer?

Nowadays, Call centres in India provide wide range of services and are meeting everyday demands of their customers. Some of the services that they offer are:

Inbound Call Centre Services: At an inbound call centre, queries by customers are directed to a call centre based in India which has technical experts who do troubleshooting and addresses the customer.

Outbound Call Centre Services: In an outbound call centre customer care executives make outbound calls for telemarketing, loan recovery or for marketing survey.

Technical Support Services: Customer care executives who are technically sound attend customer complaints and provide technical support to customers.

Disaster Recovery Services: Good call centres in India are providing recovery and backup solutions for massive databases.

Email Support Services: Businesses that provide e-mail support services offers reliable and proficient e-mail care services.

Chat Support Services: There are call centres that provide real time technical support services. These services are provided online.