Tips For Design and Decorate Your Commercial Premises

Tips For Design and Decorate Your Commercial Premises

If your business is not working as expected, you probably need to remodel the establishment and you must do it, always thinking about the customer and the brand identity. This way you can easily choose colors, furniture, lighting, materials, displays, advertisements, work areas and even the background music.

Design specialist commercial spaces, explains that business owners do not take seriously the issue, some unaware of the benefits that the interior can generate beyond the visual aspect and functionality. Investing in matching interior is cost effective because it allows to increase the number of sales and in some cases higher price sell.

In this sense, a local well-designed increases the chance for a business to be successful, can sell almost automatically in an attractive, functional, comfortable and visible to the customer space.

Let’s do it

Experts suggest taking into account the following aspects for optimal design and decoration productive and you can also add value to your business.

  1. Explore the Place. Before enabling or remodel the local check that electrical, sanitary, air extraction and gas connection are in good condition. It is recommended to make an architectural survey (flat) or sketch freehand.
  2. Design for Client. One of the most common mistakes is to design and decorate according to personal tastes of the owner or designer without addressing the needs of the business model. Scan your audience and determines if a colorful or sober design.
  3. Tell the public who you are. The visual aspect is your cover letter, consider how you want to perceive and interpret your business. For example, for a business owner of a workshop of bread it is convenient to use noble materials with very little manipulation, or for younger customers use flashy and futuristic volumetric conceptualizations.
  4. Plan the space. Determines the spaces you need your business, assign the location and function of each must establish good communication with employees and with buyers. You may need walls to place the brand logo, counters, signs in the hallways and an area for displaying products. The interior of the shop must be planned and very tidy, all spaces should convey the same message.
  5. Exploit the five senses. Good design has an aesthetic, functional and structural balance, but also is capable of generating a dialogue with the client to connect with the brand. The most competitive retail chains seek each visit a unique experience through atmospheres smells, music and visual elements. There is a chain of clothing includes beach sand and smell some perfume in all its stores, this also makes it different from the competition, is remembered easily and increases the chances of sales.