2 Cloud Software With Great Return On Investment

When organizations depend on Internet based services to store, access, share, collaborate on files and other content, they are said to be cloud computing. Of course, it is increasingly becoming the chosen method for teamwork simply because there are absolutely no physical server and data centre restraints to hamper the collaborative process. Apart from better collaborations, other advantages of cloud computing include quick access from any location, significant cost savings compared to conventional methods of storing content as well as unprecedented backup and recovery solutions available in real-time.

Once you have made the decision to move your everyday business tasks to the cloud, you are in for an unprecedented wave of productivity, cross-team collaboration along with better cost control and work management. And together, all of these result in never-before-seen ROI for businesses.

However, selecting the right platform for uninterrupted cloud migration may be a tough decision for most businesses. A majority of these services provide some combination of online solutions and a variety of tools to help make the transition easier. Nevertheless, it takes a very precise combination of these to transform business processes, ensuring that company data remains secure at all times while facilitating better administration, compliance, file presentation and collaboration solutions.

We present you the top 2 cloud software programs that offer the ultimate in facilities and ROI for businesses.

Microsoft SharePoint Online

This delivers a wide-ranging selection of cloud- and web-based technologies, making it easy to store, share and administer files within an organization. This is often the first choice for many businesses because it requires absolutely no investment in an infrastructure. This coupled with a non-existent learning curve make it desirable for many organizations. SharePoint Online uses well-known tools such as MS Office and other Microsoft services to provide services. SharePoint Online ensures that users get fast and dependable access to all the applications, content and data required for effective collaboration. SharePoint Online Trial helps organizations sufficiently experience the software before investing on one.

CloudAppsPortal.com is a great destination for tailor-made SharePoint Online solutions. In fact, they have hands-on experience and proven processes to ensure zero downtime and no data loss during migration to cloud.

Hosted Virtual Desktop

This is another cloud service that guarantees security, accessibility and a better way of approaching traditional organizational work flows. Hosted virtual desktop has an easy-to-use user interface that gives quick access to all the files, applications and data on cloud servers. Users can access their virtual desktops from absolutely anywhere as nothing is saved on their local machines. However, users won’t know the difference thanks to lightning fast access and dependable secure services that deliver solutions in real time.

Using hosted desktops ensures a high-collaboration business computing environment from absolutely any Internet connected device in the world! CloudDesktopOnline.com offers access to a virtual desktop without sacrificing performance. Their services are cost effective, and ensure customized cloud based desktop deployments as per your organization’s needs.

Which one is Right for You?

Businesses, and organizations at large, have an increasing need for quick and dependable delivery of resources to stakeholders across the organization and the world. Cloud computing is a service that gets that done via the Internet or a similar network i.e. intranet. Individuals get to services that are available from any location as long as they have access to an Internet service provider.

If you are thinking whether migrating to a cloud-based environment via SharePoint Online or Hosted Virtual Desktops would be right for your business, it is a great idea to get expert opinion and of course, try before you buy. Get a trial for SharePoint Online and other cloud services before finalizing one.

Whether you want to create a simple intranet for keeping track of projects, or need a more in-depth global solution that fosters collaboration in a secure virtual environment, these two are your absolute best options as far as ease-of-implementation, affordability and accessibility is concerned.

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