How Small Businesses Should Use Social Media Platforms?

It may be rather difficult to figure out why people focus almost entirely on regular advertising, but invest very little in various social media platforms. Social media platforms promise potentially huge returns. This is the situation when owners of small businesses are missing the boat. When dealing with social media, we should give the investment a time to pay off. There are major social networks that we can choose, such as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. Business owners should be regularly active in these four platforms and it should require a little daily effort to make a presence.

In general, Facebook is praised for its versatility and we will be able to publish daily or even hourly updates about our company. We can get many like from customers to see whether they react favourably to a new update and development. With Facebook, it is not considered too much to post twice a day, as long as we could provide something valuable and interesting for customers. However, it is quite easy to spam on people with Facebook. The original web structure is about searching for online information. Web 2.0 allows us to share content through video uploads and blogging. Web 3.0 is integration with mobile platform.

As the online infrastructure is getting more mature, we need to prioritize in higher interaction. People should be able to interact closely with our brand. On Facebook, people should be able to ask questions about our products, services and company. In this case, people should be able to provide their opinion. It means that our Facebook-based marketing effort should pay off. Many businesses gain success by customizing special Facebook page. This could attract plenty of likes and shares. When our posts are shared by Facebook users we are able to ensure a widespread exposure.

Once our marketing team is able to customize our Facebook page, we should immediately see that we start to get plenty of “likes”. In this case, the Facebook page will be more likely to appear on the news feed of people who frequently like our posts. Facebook has a system to show posts from accounts and pages that we like. Another social marketing platform that we should use is LinkedIn and it more focused on business operation. When creating a LinkedIn account, we should click the “Add a company” link and this will allow us to add information about our company.

When being active in LinkedIn, we should make sure that we can provide the definite answers. In this case, we should try to choose the best answer. In general, we should try to become a well-informed individual in our industry. On YouTube, we should try to make a great video about ourselves. We should have a camera and some basic video recording skill. A vide should last at least 2 minutes and no more than 6 minutes. In general, a video should answer a single question that everyone seems to be asking. YouTube is also one way to get information and it can be much more interesting than just reading a block of text.