5 Things That We Should Add in Our Business Website

A business website should be able to fully support the business operations of a company. Whether we hire professionals to build the website or building it ourselves, we should make sure that we have included these details:

  1. Contact details: This may seem ridiculous, but many people actually forget to include proper contact details in their website. In many cases, they only include phone numbers and email address. Our contact details should be complete, including physical address and even a photo of our store or office in the Contact Us page. This will make sure that people will easily find our business location. Contact information shouldn’t be placed in the footer. The Contact Us page should be very obvious and clearly visible. In fact, by simply putting our Contact Us in the more prominent location in our website, we could make more sales. People won’t start buying from us if we are not able to provide them with the proper information.
  2. Map: This is also a must-have component in our website and it could really make a huge difference in our overall sales. By adding maps, we could see real increases in the number of leads. Consumers know that the Internet is an actual scammers’ paradise, because building a website and pretending to be a company can be performed in less than an hour. For this reason, we should create a map to assure people that we are an actual business establishment. The virtual presence can become more solid, if we add details like a map. Website visitors will have the peace of mind that they are dealing with genuine professionals. They may locate our business before making a transaction.
  3. Any lead-capture form: In general, our website should become a lead generator and this can be performed by allowing people to add their contact details. A simple detail such as email address or Facebook account name could allow us to get in touch with them. This task should be quite easy to do if the lead-capture form allows us to attract people using their social media account. As an example, people could login to our website and get additional content only by clicking the Facebook and Twitter button. Once they do this, there will be a list of people who join our website based on their social media accounts. This could become a more comprehensive way of communicating with potential buyers.
  4. Add plenty of photos: This is another way to reassure people that they are dealing with genuine professionals. Photos could create real personal connections with us. We could add photo of our stores or offices. We may also include happy faces of our employees and satisfied customers. It is also helpful to add photos of latest activities in our office.
  5. Newsletter Sign up: Customers should be given enough updates about the latest things that happen in the company. Newsletters are not just associated with email, but could also Twitter and Facebook feeds. They will become more familiar with our products and services.