Leveraging Business Benefits With Selenium Testing Services

Selenium encompasses an extensive set of tools which delivers support to the test automation maturity with respect to the web-based applications across various paths and platforms. This is an open source and a lightweight tool which can be easily integrated to a varied range of products. It backs up several programming languages as well like Perl, Python, Ruby, .NET and Java.

Automated software testing helps in improving the product and also lets it yield higher quality. This also saves a lot of test execution hours thereby reducing total costs. Selenium is quite popular and is also accepted worldwide as an authentic web application tool which is used for web based applications on different operating systems and web browsers. It is very flexible and the test scripts can be easily customized in several programming languages.

Leveraging Business Benefits With Selenium Testing Services

Why Selenium Testing is so Popular

For testing web applications, selenium is recently the best tool in the market. It is very much in demand and it can be used with multiple browsers and OS as compared to other tools. It makes use of JavaScript to insert the test automation engine in any particular browser. This even allows the testers to make use of the same scripts for testing multiple browsers and platforms. This is very easy and the tests are all written as HTML tables where the failing testes are turned red and the passing ones turned green. This helps the testers in easily identifying the tests which passes easily and the ones which do not. Selenium can be easily deployed on Macintosh, Windows and Linux.

Selenium lets the end users write and share extensions and other code modifications. This gives a lot of freedom to the selenium testing companies for writing custom functions which does refined manipulations. By making use of these custom functions, it allows the testers to find more readable tests.

Other Few Benefits of Selenium Testing

  • It generates scripts automatically in different systems and browsers simultaneously.
  • Testers can easily configure as well as install the selenium testing tools.
  • This is an automated test tool which increases software quality as well as reliability thereby reducing defects and time to release in the market.
  • Selenium reduces manual regression testing by almost 46% and also increases the overall coverage of the product areas.
  • Selenium enhances ROI from the products for reducing the overall automated test development period.

Under some controlled environment, the software QA testing takes place and it very meticulously scrutinizes the application and software. It checks for the defaults, if any, and makes the product ready for the market. Selenium testing is slowly becoming a very string testing framework and is now an inseparable part of many businesses worldwide.