6 Tips for Developing Apps that Your Clients Will Actually Use

App development is not always as easy as one might think; creating an app people will use sometimes very hit and miss. However, there are some key points to keep in mind, increasing the allure of the app and the likelihood people will never want to put it down.

6 Tips for Developing Apps that Your Clients Will Actually Use pic

Ease of Use

Difficult apps lose their luster very quickly. In short, keep in mind not all users are tech savvy or have the time to figure out how to work an app. Needless to say, people are more likely to use, and even love, apps that are easy to use.  This can be accomplished by simplifying the navigation, placing tools in obvious locations, and ensuring that there aren’t too many confusing bells and whistles included.  Whatever your app does, make sure it’s focused and intuitive to keep your users coming back for more.

Offline Access

Apps requiring internet access can become an irritant. After all, how can an individual use the app if the person happens to be in a location with no Internet access?  Most people want to be able to use their apps wherever they find themselves.  Even if you do require internet for some functions, make sure the bulk of the app doesn’t require it so the app is still truly useful when internet isn’t available.

Debug the App

People avoid problematic apps, thus to develop an app users will love, you should minimize the bugs. Testing is key to catching and correcting every bug found. Simply put, test the app on a variety of devices, fix the bugs and retest. Some bugs will get through, but the fewer the better.  Working with experts like SolutionStream mobile app development company can help with this and other developmental steps, ensuring one’s app is a success.

Do the Research

The job isn’t finished simply because the app is completed. One crucial element to creating an app people will love is tracking the app performance and identifying potential issues. While your app may be a success initially, if users encounter a lot of system bugs or slow run-times, they will soon be deleting all your hard work.  Continual testing, asking for and responding to user feedback will help keep your customers engaged with your app.

Stylize and Personalize

Apps are as common as PCs and mobile phones, perhaps more so. That being said, consider developing an app with a unique style. That can be as simple as keeping your graphic design consistent with your brand so that users will have your company image continually reinforced in their minds.  To take it a step farther, make sure your app functionality and design is somehow special to your company.  For instance, if you are a pediatrician who is known for giving out company stickers to patients, consider featuring the sticker design in your mobile app.  You could even give users the ability to share your company sticker with friends through their social networks.   After all, personalization is one of the factors that will not only set the app apart from countless others but link the developer to the app.  Be creative and delight your customers.

Minimize Information Collection

A reality today is people use apps to collect personal information and commit identity theft. While some information is necessary, try to keep it specific to the app and as general as possible to prevent users from deleting an app they may view as a threat.  Make sure you clearly disclose how the info will be used to reassure your hesitant  customers.

Keeping these simple tips in mind when developing an app will indeed help one achieve success. After all, apps are often developed for the user, so create an app the user will love.  Doing so will help solidify your relationship with existing clients and generate relationships with new ones.

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