Harness the SEO Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is certainly one of the most important social networking sites around. What makes it more important is the demographic that uses it. Only those who are serious about their careers, business and consultation use LinkedIn and those who are into sharing media and files usually use Twitter or Facebook. This seriousness of users makes LinkedIn a very important social media platform. Lately, LinkedIn has been trying to make itself very SEO friendly. There are several reasons why SEO pros should ensure that LinkedIn is taken seriously. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  1. LinkedIn has millions of users
  2. LinkedIn allows haring of links, content and status updates
  3. LinkedIn users are highly motivated to achieve success
  4. LinkedIn profiles appear first in Google results
  5. LinkedIn recommendations add to credibility
  6. LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with the most important people in the world
  7. The idea of degrees of separation is deeply rooted in LinkedIn.
  8. LinkedIn is free to use but has premium accounts
  9. LinkedIn is SEO optimized.

With all this in mind, it becomes increasingly clear that LinkedIn is a great platform that one can choose to boost one’s SEO. Search engine optimization is boosted when content is shared across social media. As LinkedIn is an important social network that has a lot of users who are important themselves, it is a very important SEO tool. Let us take a look at how one can make use of LinkedIn in a better fashion and harness its SEO power.


LinkedIn allows sharing of links

One can share links on LinkedIn and people can either comment on it, like it or share it elsewhere. This makes LinkedIn a very important tool in the world of SEO. Moreover, content that is shared on LinkedIn more often appears in search results more frequently.

LinkedIn Groups are a great platform

While many still do not get it, LinkedIn Groups can be used to harness the power of SEO. Groups help your content to be shared among people who have similar interests and ideas. They can easily read your content as long as it is available in a relevant LinkedIn group.

LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn has a unique feature in which members can recommend each others’ skills. SEO pros can use this option to increase their clients’ reputation by getting more people to recommend their skills. It is one of the easier ways to achieve search engine rankings.

LinkedIn premium accounts

LinkedIn also offers premium accounts through which one can contact more people and become more visible. This is a unique feature that is not available on Twitter or Facebook. An SEO expert can use this feature to help clients look more professional.

Certainly, LinkedIn will continue to grow as a platform and become increasingly popular among those who are professionals and business owners. It has an immense potential and Google almost always favours LinkedIn profiles over Facebook or Twitter profiles. A mere name search on Google will usually bring his or her LinkedIn profile first. Thus, it is a great tool for SEO mavens and one just needs to use it more often.

Author Bio: Idania is an SEO expert and she often encourages her clients to use social media more often. She has written several eBooks on the importance of social media and good content in SEO.

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