Understanding Web Development and Designing


When you are starting off a business and needs to have a website, you will need a web developer and a designer in order to make your website good in the eyes of the public and could attract several visitors. Web developers and designers are the people who are responsible for developing the World Wide Web applications and other distributed network applications.

When talking about web designers, they are the ones who interacts the most with the clients in order to accomplish the task given to them involving web designing, while web developers are those who fulfill client’s requirement since mostly they work on the efficiency of the website. They are also called software developer or the software engineers as they are exclusively engaged in developing the web application designed by their team. In short, web developers’ works depend on what the web designer decides and the web designer’s works depend according to client’s demand.

As I have stated before, web designers interact with their clients. Through this, web designers are able to grasp with the client’s requirements that are needed by the web developers in order to produce the exact clients’ demand for the project. These developers work on a particular project in a divided field depending on the size of the development team. For example, a development team is divided into two groups which are a group assigned to work on the technologies sent to the client and a group for server-side frameworks.

Regarding the process of web designing and web development, the former is much complex than the latter since web development works on the basic aspects of design such as content of the website, usability, appearance and visibility, unlike the web designing which requires an ongoing activity since the client’s demand is unpredictable. Clients expect their website to fully satisfy their own desire and at the same time should be attractive and user-friendly to its visitors.

On the other hand, website design firm has certain model which instructs one to produce a tangible product that could satisfy the client’s desire. However, in the case of web developers, they work out in producing prototypes which could demonstrate to the customer what the product would look like. At this phase, its function is much limited since it is only a prototype. When a prototype is developed, it is checked by the web designers if they have reached the standards of the client’s given demand, then it is forwarded to the customer for demonstration. After the demonstration, feedback  comments and suggestions are encouraged in order to make improvements to the actual project.

In addition, web development team is more immersed in development of web application as it involves a wide range of technological works. The technologies of today are more advanced and rich in its feature which made it favorable to not only to the developers but also to the designers since their jobs are not that burdensome and time consuming any longer.

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