Cloud Server or a Dedicated Server – Which is Which?

dcThere are more things to learn when it comes to servers. Most people would only focus on the front end, forgetting that the back end responsible for managed hosting is equally as important. Then we ask, “When is a cloud server necessary? Is it much better than a dedicated server?” These are some questions we’ll try to answer best in this article.

Hosting providers and users are switching now from traditional dedicated servers to cloud servers. Joining the revolution are small to large enterprises that deem servers in the cloud are more flexible, accessible and dependable. With more innovative features, hosting data and applications through the cloud is believed to be better. However, there are still some gaps that make the rest of companies still trust dedicated server hosting abilities over the former.

What’s the difference between a Cloud Server and a Dedicated Server?

First, let us spell the basic differences between a cloud server and a dedicated server.

A cloud server runs on a hypervisor software that makes one computer unit appear like it’s multiple in number. It does not own any hardware but uses only online Internet connection to host and manage data and applications. In contrast, a dedicate server is one that is physical in nature, composed of hardware components starting from a CPU, RAM, the hard drive and the power supply.

When Should You Opt for a Cloud Server ?

If your organization demands flexibility and scalability, the best option is the cloud server. With it, you are using storage space only as you need it, and you will only pay for the space based on your consumption. The changes in RAM, hard drive space and processing power are all through the usage of the software interface. However, unused space can be rented or sold by contract as well to other parties who subscribe from the same cloud service provider. In this case, you are sharing the cloud with others and may not entirely be sure about the fine line or border that exists between your uploaded entities.

Another point to consider is the stability of your physical location. If you’re still moving from one location to another and have not stood in one office for the longest time, a cloud server may benefit your setup most. This is because it is easier to move between data centers and transfer is only done through the Internet. With a few clicks, you are done as compared using dedicated server that requires physically shipping of hardware.

When Should You Opt for a Dedicated Server ?

If your organization requires more processing power, then the dedicated server is for you. Dedicated, when taken by its literal name, means that only you are using the storage space and only you can maximize the full capability of the server. If you have a lot of data to maintain, then this is the better option since moving between backbones is easier done in dedicated servers. This is done only by toggling the VLAN, whereas moving data between backbones via the cloud server necessitates migration of the cloud server to another host machine.


Essentially, cloud servers behave similar to normal dedicated servers. Hopefully at this time, you get a clearer picture and an answer to the question above. If you still can’t decide based on performance and physical arrangements, you can look at the price. Contact service providers and experts for both and compare the package rates that would fit your needs.


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