How Bloggers Can Use Pay-Per-Click

You do not need to have your own website to start making money from pay per click campaigns; you just need a blog to get started. So what exactly is a blog? Blogging is similar to writing in an online diary. So at first blogging was just a way to express personal thoughts and memories to share with others through the internet. Blogging quickly gained increasing popularity and individuals and companies started to use a blog as means to reach their consumers to promote their product and services.

Why do blogs have a place in society? A blog is FREE and EASY. There are many free sites offering users a way to create their own blog such as,, etc. These sites are much more cost effective than creating a separate website. Using one of these providers essentially allows the user a free ride with the site’s hosting so the end result will be a blog address similar to:

According to the level of ease in creating and the number of users, if you are a first time blogger using a free site is a great option to help you get started. Sites like make it easy to integrate PPC, animation can be installed, and because it is part of Google it is more quickly indexed in the search engine.

Some bloggers will choose to post just to share information, but many people are using blogging as a way to make money online. Using a pay per click campaign is a great way to monetize your blog. Selecting relevant keywords for PPC can help to optimize your blog and that will help you to see an increase in income. Here are tips to help improve your PPC Income Earning on your Blog.

Increase Traffic to your blog.
This is important because having more visitors to your blog means there will be more people to see the PPC ads you have created. It doesn’t matter how amazing your ad is, if no one sees it you aren’t making money.

Network with other Bloggers to Exchange Links.
Link building with other bloggers in your own niche helps to increase traffic to your own site and establish a more creditable presence online. One way to do this is to find a site to guest post on in exchange for a link to your blog.

Focus on SEO
Register your blog in the search engines so that more visitors can find your blog. Using keywords in your article will also help with search engine optimization. Also, look for sites that provide a Free Backlink Service.

Update your Blog Regularly
No one likes to frequently visit a site with stale content. Try to update your blog with new articles daily for best results. Wish to know more about PPC and its tricks, probably you need to visit some premium sites like –,,

With the above ways hopefully you can implement pay per click income from your blog. In addition to these helpful tips on monetizing your blog, of course you also need enthusiasm and hard work.

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