Smart Choices of WordPress Plugins before Installing

WordPress is being used rapidly nowadays for its ability to extend the functionality of a core software with the help of the plugins. However, the recent 23, 000 plugins that have been introduced are not all good and some are junk as well. Therefore choosing the best one is important to avoid definite hazards. Experts say that if the themes are not chosen carefully users actually expose a site to those hackers, bog down performances unknowingly.  Thus, some tips are being suggested that should be considered before installing the software.

However users of WordPress have the freedom to choose plugins of their preference and there is not such rule that they have to follow this guideline strictly. What the experts are doing actually is they are trying to introduce users with the drawbacks of the latest plugins so that users can take preventive measures easily.

What is important before choosing a plugin is to decide whether that functionality is required or not.  As many of them would prop up at a time, it is important to check the activities of the plugins individually. It helps one to select the one that a client will like and will benefit using it. One should not forget to delete all these when testing is done. Then one should choose plugins from these options carefully that will bring some revenue.

Next, it is to check whether the present list is compatible with recent version or not. Therefore, experts suggest checking information given on right hand side of the WordPress theme.  If it is written there that “compatible up to 3.5,” the number signifies the version of the WordPress. The number says whether the plug-in is compatible with recent version or not. This number should be recent number, which will prove whether user will benefit availing the theme, or not.

Most of the plugins in the directory come with support box that is searched when help is needed. It is good to choose a theme that maintains the active-presence service and answer all your queries. If it becomes difficult to find out a developer who is not ready to answer the question, then it is better to opt for other version. If other users are using the same themes, and are not complaining against it, then there is no problem in using this theme.

It is always better to avoid themes that use short codes. These themes though look good but users face several hazards when one plug-ins the theme, especially when the site is loaded with important contents. Generally, it seems difficult to move plugins forward that comes with short codes.

To get more from using WordPress theme it is important to opt for a developer who actually has stable source of income from online business and that one should be related to wordPress only. However, such plugins actually looks like premium versions and users need to pay for it but it means that the developer is serious and follows different measures to maintain the wordpress theme.








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