Legendary Photographer Ken Regan Passes Away

Photographer Ken Regan

The legendary Photographer Ken Regan who was best known for his incredible captures of Bob Dylan, such as the Beatles, The Rolling Stone, Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Springsteen passed away of cancer. Regan gave in to the raging illness on November 25th. He was continuously working with his photo shoots until he was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. As we all know Regan has been official photographer for Bob Dylan for years and his iconic shots will be ever cherished, though most of them are yet to be published. Regan has been one of the most talented photojournalists in the media world. He has an awesome ability to picturize intimate moments even amongst chaos environment.

Photographer Ken ReganHe has also portrayed his excellence in his specialized war and sports photography. Regan is a witness who has captured the most treasured moments of the Twentieth century. He was the one who put in frames those incredible moments such as the Ali’s knockout shots to George Foreman. Reagan was one of the privileged journalist who was a personal friend to the Kennedy family and therefore was given permission to travel in the train along with the body of Robert Kennedy until the journey towards Arlington Cemetery. Regan was the one who captured special concerts of the Beatles during the 1965’s US tour.

Ken Regan is friendly in nature and gentle personality blended in perfect combination with excessive knocking out talents that has attracted legendary people like Jagger, Dylan, Richards and much more. Reagan was present in every detailed versions of the music world especially the introverted famous singer Dylan. Let us analyze about some of those exclusive moments that he had shared in his own words that he has shared in a personal interview. Simplicity is the chief factor that shoots up the dedicated journalist into a legend. Once while he was sharing about his exclusive working fantasies with Dylan and said that he was allowed to enter freely into Dylan’s privacy of dressing room and grab those exotic moments in his picture images. But still Dylan has never allowed his kids to be shot in the photographs taken by Ken.

Ken recollected fresh memories when he was called by Dylan to Colorado for shooting session during his travel. It was a hectic time for Ken and had was able to sleep only for two hours. But in the night he got a chance to sneak into the beautiful bar that was surrounded with mountains and wonderful settings that made it a memorable one. That was the day when Dylan shared his musical entreat platform with Norman Schwarzkopf as the chief guest. It was a pleasant surprise when Norman was sitting in the audience seat and asked someone the permission to meet Dylan off stage. Dylan was all excited and put on his best hat to meet Norman. That was the day when Ken was delightfully excited to take pictures of two excellent human icons from different opposite worlds meet and share. But those pictures were never released by him.

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