Five Genuine Online Jobs to Make Quick Money

Do you want to want to earn extra money from websites by doing easy and genuine online jobs? Are you a college or university student and desire to make money in your spare time at home?

If your answer is yes for any of these questions, then this article is certainly for you. Most of the people are eager to work online to make some money in their extra time. There are a number of websites that guarantee to pay money, but at the end appear to be a spam. But, you should not worry as there are numerous sites that really pay you for your time and work. For authentic sites, now you have to read this article for further details.

List of Genuine Online Jobs

Below is the list of some genuine and valid online jobs that really pay you for your hard work:

1: Amazon Mturk

Amazon Mturk is an authentic website to make extra money by doing easy chores. As most of the clients on this website are from America, so the pay is handsome. The pay range for jobs varies from $0.20 to $5. There are all kinds of jobs offered on this site like visiting a site, writing articles and translating scripts. You can sign up at no cost on this site, but before doing so, make sure that you belong to the country listed there; or else you will be unable to take out money. You have to must use this earned money for shopping from


This is an admired and a safe crowd sourcing site that facilitates you to make handsome amount of money by creating unique domain names. You have to check the existing orders at this site and put forward some proposals that you feel greatest for the requirements of the client. If client picks up your domain name then you will be paid.  So, if you are creative then at PickyDomains, you can easily earn from $20 to $50 once your domain is accepted by the client.

3: is a website that is rather alike to Amazon mturk. You can make money on this site for doing a few micro jobs. You can simply make a few cents by only signing up, writing a little article, commenting on a blog or by following somebody on twitter. The lowest payout that you can take out from this site is $10.

4: Ebay

You can earn money on ebay by showcasing and selling your own things to prospective buyers. There are several international consumers on ebay who are concerned in buying numerous material of their interest. If you are fine with paints or any creative skill, you can just list them on ebay for sale. This way you can earn good amount of money by doing hard work.


There can be made extra money on Reviewstream by simply writing reviews regarding any product, website or place you visited. Present regular rate at Reviewstream for reviews is $1.50. Besides this, you can make further money on Reviewstream if your articles are read and voted by numerous readers.

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