The New Nook Color Tablet By Barnes And Nobles

Barnes and nobles produces a great improvement when it comes to their eReader. With this high-tech device there is no difference between an actual book and an eBook and most people preferred an eBook because this offers multitude of advantages. The user of this eReader could not only store numbers of their favorite books but this is also known as environmentally friendly. Because printing books would need large amount of trees that’s why this has a direct contribution when it comes to environmental pollution. If one has an eReader this does not improved your pleasure in reading but also you can be part for saving our environment. You don’t also have to look for bookstores just to get the books that you want; with this Nook Color Tablet everything is available in just one click of a mouse. Nook Color Tablet by Barnes and Nobles is one of the first technologies that bring advance technology in terms of reading books and even periodicals. This is a great way to invest your money because this has so many features that will surely love by readers and this is available in a very competitive price. This device has a vibrant LCD display that is a touchscreen, this also has an operating system which is an Android 2.1 operating system and has advanced capabilities in web-browsing. You will be certainly impressed with this Color Nook because this device is very different from those usual eReaders available in the market. This device weighs 15.8 ounces and has a 8.1 inches in length with a 5 inches in width as well as a 0.5-icnh in terms of thickness. The program that runs this eReader is the Android version 2.1 which is an operating system that is greatly popular with those tablets and smartphones that are widely available in the market. You will never be disappointed with this Android-based software that was use by Barnes and Nobles. Those who has this Nook Color Tablet reports that this has a fast performance from its well responsive touch screen, you can also turn pages much more faster compared to any eReaders, has a sharper text and the pictures displayed on the screen are almost perfect photos. This eReader is also great for kids for those books that promote reading in colored. This device is also supported with ePub files because most public libraries used an ePub format. This Nook Color is perfect for those people who would want to enjoy an excellent eReader just like this comes in with a bright LCD touchscreen that is great in reading magazines that you will surely enjoy your reading experience.

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