10 Useful Steps To Improve SEO Strength

You will achieve great SEO results if this 10 stage model is adopted :

Start With Keyword Research

This is the starting point of your SEO. The aim of keyword research is to identify what terms that your target market are using to find what you offer, and to assess the volumes of searches that occur each month to see which particular terms are worth targeting. Of the many online research tools available, the Google Keyword Tool is free and the best to use.

Is It Worth Competing ?

Once you have a list of keywords that you want to target, you need to find out how many other web pages are competing for that term and how much authority they have so you can decide whether to target them or not. This is easy to understand. With highly competitive keywords, a lot of time and SEO work will need to be put in to see your site on the first page of the search engines. The free Traffic Travis program is a very good tool to use to conduct an assessment of the competitiveness of each keyword in your list.

WordPress Is Great For SEO

A free content management system that is used by many, WordPress offers many advantages over HTML and with its never ending list of additional features provided by plugins it will give you a major SEO advantage over other web building platforms. It is easy to add new content to WordPress sites and the other benefit that it has overstatic HTML sites is that it will automatically ping RSS sites and inform them that new content has been added. There is a lot of search engine love for WordPress and they will often achieve a much higher ranking than other forms of web sites.

Create A Differnet Page Per Keyword

A lot of people will try and rank for different keywords by using the same page but this is a big mistake. Every page need s to have its keyword in the page URL for maximum SEO effectiveness. If your site is about weight loss then an example of this could be yourweightlosssite.com/lose belly fat.

Add Content Regularly And Make It Unique

Create your own unique content for each page. You can write this content or to save time pay somebody else to write it for you. Using PLR articles for your site is a really bad idea unless you thoroughly rewrite them so they are almost indistinguishable from the originals. A good length for your article would be a minimum of 500 words and there is no maximum. Add new content at least once a week to begin with and once a month when your site is more established.

Post Videos In Your Content

Search engines will improve your rankings if they find videos on your site as different content types always do well. The video sites will have some videos that match your written words or there is aways the option of creating new ones. Just add video.

Each One Of Your Pages Must Be Keyword Optimized

Make sure that your keyword appears in your page title and regularly in your page text. This will ensure that the search engines are in no doubt what your pages are about and will help rankings. All web site platforms allow the use of H1, H2 and H3 or heading tags for sub headings so use them with your keyword included.

One Way Linking Is The Next Step

The search engines consider that if you have external web sites linking to your site that they are voting for your site. There are a number of ways that these links can be gained and some examples are commenting on other people’s blog posts, creating newsworthy press releases, gaining links from blog networks and creating articles and submitting them to article directories. The key to link building is mixing up the type of links you get and consistency. Just build lots of links.

Be Social And Get SEO Benefits

Join social networks like Facebook and Twitter and get as many friends and followers as you can. Facebook offer the facility to create a page about your business which you must do and also you need to send messages to your friends that will be displayed on their wall containing your web page link. If you have a number of followers to your Twitter account send them all a tweet with your web page link included. The search engines are now factoring your social network standing as a contributor to your rankings.

Do SEO Regularly To Reap The Benefits

When you reach the number one spot it is very easy to get complacent over SEO but if you do this a competitor that isn’t taking a break will surely overtake you.

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