Home Weather Severe flooding in eastern China affected over 16,000 People

Severe flooding in eastern China affected over 16,000 People

Severe flooding in eastern China
Image: aljazeera.com

Heavy rain has wreaked havoc in Nanping city in eastern China’s Fujian province, causing gigantic flooding, turning streets to small rivers and trapping many locals in their homes.

Following two hours of torrential rain on Saturday, portions of Nanping were overrun by significant flooding. Video footage filmed by sailors showed large, muddy water pushing down the streets, washing vehicles away and demolishing little sheds.

No casualties were reported. A group of firefighters responded a telephone in Nanping’s Shunchang county, where an older woman and a young child was stranded for hours from the flooding.

After reaching the scene, the firefighters cleared the debris from the collapsed buildings and transported the trapped people to safety.

According to the local emergency management department, a total of 16,000 people in Shunchang were affected by the rain. Heavy rain has also battered Jian’ou county since Friday evening.

Fujian province is very likely to see drier conditions in the coming days as the seasonal rains are expected to shift north and west to Jiangxi and Hunan provinces.


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