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List of top 10 Social Media platforms on the Internet in 2019

List of top 10 Social Media platforms on the Internet - e-Syndicate Network

Social Media Platforms are all about storytelling and networking for all categories of people. These platforms are increasingly growing by adopting new and emerging trends for their target audiences and also allowing the users to share their experiences at the same time.

They are contributing to change the way social media content works. Brands from all over the world are implementing new marketing strategies to target specific audiences and promote their business at a meaningful level.

As the power of social media is increasing, it’s hard to tell which platform might make a breakthrough in 2019. But for now, these top 10 Social Media Platforms rocks the charts on the internet based on their experiences among the users and the brands.

1. FacebookFacebook Logo - e-Syndicate NetworkFacebook has over 2 billion active users and still growing. It’s an amazing platform for much social media marketing and networking. The platform has proven itself to be unique in terms of brand marketing and creating long-lasting user experiences, therefore, it’s still ranked the best of the best in the internet world.

2. YouTubeYoutube Logo - e-Syndicate NetworkYouTube is an interactive video sharing platform which is highly popular among all the users as it provides free access to different parts of the world through video sharing. It has evolved itself through time by protecting the copyright content of the users and benefiting the brands to choose from its multiple marketing strategies.

3. Twitter

Twitter logo - e-Syndicate Network
Twitter is a connecting hub for celebrities and renowned people. Audiences from all over the world interact on Twitter by posting short tweets that create a huge impact. Multiple brands and companies follow Twitter to gain valuable insights and exciting news about current trends.

4. Instagram

Instagram - e-Syndiate NetworkInstagram is the most popular photo sharing platform with over 1.5 billion users. With the launch of IGTV and Insta Stories, brands and other users communicate effectively through the sharing of photos and short videos to attract the target audiences.

5. Tumblr

tumblr - e-Syndicate Network

Tumblr allows users to share anything such as photos, quotes, text, music, and videos. It is famous for ‘micro-blogging’ and also networking among the users. Millions of bloggers and other users have joined this platform to share their content freely with like-minded people.

6. Flickr

Flickr_logo - e-Syndicate NetworkFlickr is a unique place for photo lovers. Thousands of photographers and camera lovers show their skills by sharing photos and videos and connecting the world through art. Though Flickr doesn’t offer many services like other social media platforms, it has a strong presence on other platforms with a distinctive strategy for the target audience.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn - e-Syndicate NetworkLinkedIn is growing day by day by connecting young entrepreneurs and successful businessmen with the world. It is a highly interactive platform for users to build their network and explore opportunities in the job market from all over the world. With the increasing users, LinkedIn is successfully planning to reach out to all the target audience in 2019.

8. Pinterest

pinterest_logo - e-Syndicate NetworkPinterest allows users to share their favorite images, gif, and videos with no restrictions. Millions of users access Pinterest to seek recommendations about different brands and explore the current trends through pinning a post that sparks their interest.

9. Skype

skype-logo - e-Syndicate NetworkSkype is more than just a tool of communication. It has become a social media platform for all businesses to interact worldwide with enhanced features and speedy access to almost every part of the world.

10. Reddit Reddit_logo - e-Syndicate NetworkReddit is an open discussion forum that allows millions of users to submit their content and strengthen meaningful connections based on endless conversations and discussions. It is a platform for information sharing as well in the form of news and updates about the current situation.

Wrapping Up

This list covers many top 10 Social Media Platforms related to social networking, micro-blogging, video sharing, and business communication.

However, It’s entirely up to the users and the businesses to choose the best social media platform based on their goals and interests.


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