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Miley Cyrus’s NEW Ashley O music video released

Miley Cyrus’s NEW Ashley O

Miley Cyrus is back. She released her EP, She Is Coming, and starred as the uplifting pop star, Ashley O, in an episode of Black Mirror. Now, with her “Ashley O” songs, she is shaking up the pop music world. Ashley O.’s songs “Like A Roll” and “Right Where I Belong” has been released by Netflix’s Black Mirror, and the fans are freaking out.

Black Mirror,  featuring  Miley Cyrus as Ashley O released these songs on 14 June 2019. Miley’s song, “On A Roll,” already has more than one million plays on Spotify. Also released during this episode was a second song called “Right Where I Belong.”

There was already another version of “On A Roll” released on Spotify. “On A Roll” is actually a pop version and an adaptation of the song “Head Like a Hole,” by Nine Inch Nails as some fans pointed out.

The music video of the song features best-selling artist, Ashley O., in her lilac bob. She dances to her “On A Roll” song, sometimes surrounded by some ladies in long ponytails, sometimes alone in a white bathtub, full of pink liquid. The music video crashes at the end in typical Black Mirror fashion, before finally cracking and breaking.

The music video trended on YouTube within a few hours of its release. It has over 5 million views at the moment. Even the actress behind Ashley O., Miley Cyrus, posted on Twitter and Instagram about the music video.

Black Mirror’s fifth season debuted with three new episodes on June 5, 2019. The fans have divided views about this new season, some say the episodes do not have the spark of earlier seasons.

Ashley O.’s songs and the latest EP by Miley Cyrus, entitled She Is Coming, are available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most streaming platforms.


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