Sindh’s Motor Registration Wings Introduces an Online Reservation System

Sindh’s Motor Registration Wings Introduce an Online Reservation System

A notification has been issued by the Excise and Taxation Department announcing that, following repeated requests from the Motor Dealers Associations, the Motor Registration Wings will open from 14th May 2020.

To ensure people don’t have to face a long queue and queues at the workplace, the Department has set up a “Virtual Queue Management Program” where you can reserve a slot of time before your trip to prevent congestion in the current coronavirus situation.

Registering at and verifying your identity with an SMS verification search, you can make use of the service. Select the Appointments tab which allows you to choose the time of your visit to the Motor Registration office.

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Thereafter, an SMS is sent to confirm the appointment. Note that to show the appointment at the selected office, it is mandatory to bring a printout or that text message.

The Department of E&T has released many standard operating procedures ( SOPs) to be followed during the hours of service.

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