Cricket and Development of Southern Punjab: OLX and Multan Sultans Join Hands in PSL

OLX is Pakistan’s No.1 online commercial center with the main position is distributed in more than 14 classes including Property, Cars, and Jobs. Consistently, in excess of 7 million clients visit OLX at regular intervals.

Multan, being the fifth biggest city of Pakistan, is a monetary driver for the individuals living in south Punjab and is turning into a vital city for all neighborhood and global brands. With its national authority position, OLX wants to extend its impression in southern Punjab, particularly in the Property and Cars classification in Multan.

Perceiving the monetary door, Multan and Southern Pakistan speak for the nation; OLX supported by Multan Sultans, the leading brand of PSL, speaks to the expectations and energy of the whole area.

On the night of thirteenth February, Bilal Bajwa (CEO, OLX Pakistan) and Ali Tareen (Director, Multan Sultan) marked an MoU to collaborate together. OLX will be the computerized brand backer for the group utilizing its huge online nearness to help the advancement of provincial cricket and open doors for youth in the area.

Bilal Bajwa, CEO OLX Pakistan stated:

I am incredibly amped up for this organization which progresses OLX’s goals of innovative headway in Pakistan and Multan Sultans’ desires of social and sports progression in South Punjab. OLX sees Multan Sultans as a PSL Franchise as well as an empowering specialist towards the advancement of southern Punjab. Like OLX, Multan Sultans has an extraordinary forward-looking vision which made them an ideal fit for our image and we are glad to cheer for their achievement in the competition.

Chatting about the organization Ali Tareen, Director, Multan Sultans said “We’re happy to have OLX Pakistan locally available as our advanced commercial center accomplice. Together we will help spread the computerized upset crosswise over south Punjab giving individuals’ increment access to the advanced market”.

Multan Sultans is the most premium establishment in the current year’s PSL. With players like Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Malik, it has managed to stand out amongst the most energizing groups.

Ali Khan Tareen’s arrangement with respect to Multan Sultan is wide-running – it covers social portability, ladies’ strengthening, the eventual fate of youth and Pakistan’s household structure – at the core of which is cricket.

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